Effective Protection For Maritime Fire Risks:

New Minifog Marine XP High-Pressure Water Mist Extinguishing System

Bad Oldesloe, August 07 2008 – There is an above average need for safety at sea, as ships harbor specific fire risks. In the event of emergency, rapid and effective fire fighting is of the essence. The new Minimax high-pressure water mist Minifog marine XP extinguishing system achieves an optimal all-around protection and a previously unknown maximum level of operating safety on ships: The efficient extinguishing system can be deployed in all areas – whether cabins, corridors or in the engine room – and with one single sprinkler it has a coverage area of up to 32 square meters. The professional installation and commissioning of Minifog marine XP rounds out the Minimax services portfolio.


Minifog marine XP guarantees new dimensions in the marine segment. The new Minifog marine XP water mist extinguishing system has addressed the demand for minimizing space and weight on ships. Compared with classic sprinkler systems, Minifog marine XP requires up to 90 percent less extinguishing water in the event of fire. This in turn enables the system’s piping and water supply to be small and easily laid out. Less space needed for piping significantly facilitates retrofitting.

Advancements in the surface coverage allow one single Minifog marine XP sprinkler to achieve coverage of up to 32 square meters in ship cabins.

Surface coverage has also been improved to the six-meter sprinkler spacing in corridors. Overall, the Minifog marine XP system requires far fewer sprinklers than previously needed. Consequently the piping network has fewer branches and fittings. As a result, this not only means a saving in system costs but also a lower total extinguishing system weight. Fuel costs can be reduced.

The reduced number of sprinklers allows the ceiling fixtures design in passenger, and public and storage areas to be significantly simplified. Fewer sprinklers mean more freedom in positioning lamps, loudspeakers, air exhausts, etc. Also, using fewer sprinklers reduces the number of penetration points in the ceiling, as well as time and labor costs on ceiling construction. The Minifog marine XP sprinklers and nozzles are made entirely of stainless steel. The sprinklers have a visually appealing design and come in all colors.

Minifog marine XP not only protects a ship’s passenger, public and storage areas, but also the entire engine room. For the total engine room protection – including item and bilge protection – only one type of nozzle is required. This eliminates the danger of confusing the nozzle during installation, which could delay completion. A foaming agent mix for the extinguishing water is unnecessary, due to the effective high-pressure water mist technology. A separate system, such as a CO2 extinguishing system with cylinder battery, is also not necessary for the engine room protection.

Minimax produces and delivers not only system components for the Minifog marine XP system, but also highly qualified personnel specialized in ship applications to handle the full implementation of the project, including installation and commissioning.

The new Minimax high-pressure water mist extinguishing system for secure fire protection on seagoing and inland navigation vessels corresponds to current IMO regulations and is being introduced for the first time at SMM 2008 – shipbuilding, machinery & marine technology in September in Hamburg.

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