Minimax Undercover sprinklers in the Autostadt:

And there’s nothing standing in the way of the view over Wolfsburg

Bad Oldesloe/Wolfsburg, August 7, 2008 – The AutoTürme [“Automobile Towers”] are the emblem of the Autostadt in Wolfsburg. Requirements on the equipment in the representative premises are also correspondingly high, such as in the AutoTurm’s observation room. To meet this requirement Minimax has relied on an innovative solution in fire protection: CE labelled and VdS tested and certified undercover sprinklers. Installed nearly flush with the ceiling, they are integrated unobtrusively and guarantee discrete safety.

The Autostadt AutoTürme in Wolfsburg are glass garages for a total of 800 new automobiles. Visitors can discover in a glass lift the heart of what is perhaps the world’s most spectacular high rack warehouse.
The cabin with seating for six passengers and tour guide is thereby held by one of the two arms that normally handle transporting the vehicles within the tower. It takes passengers on their journey through the tower only half as quickly as usual: The lift with the glass cabin travels at a speed of one meter per second, instead of the usual two meters.

The round trip offers insight into the inner life of the tower with its complex technology and goes up to the 20th storey. In a 48-meter high observation room a wonderful view of the Wolfsburg region can be enjoyed – and there’s nothing standing in the way.

To harmonically and discretely integrate the fire protection technology into the ceiling construction, Minimax had the observation room equipped with undercover sprinklers. The VdS certified undercover sprinklers consist of the proven hanging and quick activating spray-type sprinklers as well as a new type of housing. They make an impact not only due to their appearance but they are also effectively protected against accidental deployment, which can be caused by mechanical damages. In addition, they are less prone to contamination than conventionally mounted sprinklers.

Concealed undercover sprinklers with fine mesh screens were used in the AutoTurm for an optimally coordinated surface finish: The inconspicuous covers are specially adapted to the white color of the ceiling. In the event of deployment the spray strength of the water emerging is sufficient to jettison the screens. Yet to prevent any delay in sprinkler activation Minimax additionally had the covers equipped with the unique, patented CoverDrop eject mechanism, which releases the sprinkler head even prior to reaching its release temperature.

The CoverDrop eject mechanism is based on two redundant mechanisms. A coil spring is locked into position with solder inside the fine mesh screen. Upon reaching the nominal release temperature of the solder, which is below the triggering temperature of the sprinkler, the coil spring is released and the cover is thrown off. If the sprinkler is activated due to extraordinary circumstances, prior to jettisoning the cover, this is washed away by the exiting extinguishing water and uniform water distribution is guaranteed.

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(Please list the photo credit as “Autostadt”.)

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