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Solutions: We have the solution to every risk.

Our products prevent, detect and extinguish fires at the highest level of quality. Whether for fire extinguishers or fire extinguishing systems, you will find the solution at Minimax.

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Services: One-stop services.

By providing comprehensive planning and services, Minimax Fire Solutions can react to all conditions in order to minimize damage in the event of fire. After inspection of the building, the terrain or the construction plan, our specialists will prepare fire protection concepts tailored to your individual needs. They also provide maintenance of the systems and take care of the necessary preventive measures.

We also offer a whole host of training programs for those interested in the subject of fire protection.

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Advice & Planning: We will find you the optimum fire protection concept.

An effective protection concept may succeed or fail depending largely on the level of professional consulting and planning. Minimax fire protection specialists survey the building, the terrain or the construction plans at the site itself. They identify any deficiencies in regards to fire protection and then prepare appropriately tailored fire protection conceptual designs. So it’s not only the product quality that’s correct.

In the event of fire any damage must be minimized as quickly as possible. Fire protection systems must remain fully functional even after many years of operational readiness without use. That’s why the Minimax complete service offers far more than the mere manufacture and installation of fire protection systems: we offer a fully comprehensive service.

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Maintenance: We are careful to build confidence.

Regular checks are a fundamental prerequisite, so that not only the functioning of your fire protection systems is guaranteed, but also to maintain your insurance cover at all times. Our service ensures proper and punctual checks on firewater extinguishing systems, gaseous extinguishing systems, kitchen protection systems, fire alarm systems and fire extinguishers of all types, as well as firewater system engineering and smoke and heat extraction systems. The fire protection systems entrusted to us are carefully inspected, maintained and, in the event of malfunction, repaired by our own trained personnel.

Architectural fire protection precautions
Minimax can also arrange for carrying out architectural fire protection precautions. As for all engineering systems, the proper functioning of the combined architectural fire protection installations must be guaranteed at all times. Our personnel check the condition of these installations and, if modifications or retrofitting of piping or cabling systems are carried out, they will ensure that the architectural fire protection divisions are properly maintained.

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Monitoring: 24 hours safety with our fault signal management.

Legal obligations bind operators of a fire protection system to permanent system monitoring. In case of malfunctions, immediate measures must be taken.

Our VdS approved Minimax fault warning receiving station meets all requirements 24 hours a day: all alarm, malfunction and monitoring signals are relayed to our fault warning receiving station. 24 hours a day a competent Minimax team co-ordinates and controls all input messages and provides fast trouble-shooting. Additional lines leading to the fire brigade and police provide fast operation and help at site.

In addition, messages from separate devices like heating, ventilation, air condition, elevator, building monitoring and intruder detection systems can be received – an additional advantage for Minimax clients.

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