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Fire Extinguishing Systems: We provide fire extinguishers for all fire risks.

produktionAll large fires start off small. With a fire extinguisher they might have been prevented. We provide the top quality extinguisher for all ranges of application and all fire classifications.

The operation of a fire extinguisher must be clear from the beginning. In the event of an emergency nobody will be in the position to think twice. The operation of our fire extinguishers is very easy because it is standardized.

Our CO2 overcharge is very clever: When entering the extinguishing fluid via a perforated pipe the propellant is fine sprayed which ensures that it mixes the extinguishing fluid very well. A constantly high operating pressure is achieved at nearly all operating temperatures. The mixture is not segregated. Thus, a steady extinguishant stream with a constant and very effective extinguishing capacity is provided.


fire classification A 
fires with solid substances, mainly of organic nature, which normally cause glowing fires, e.g. car tires, wood, coal, some plastics, paper, straw and textiles.


fire classification B 
fires of liquid substances or substances becoming liquid, e.g. ether, alcohol, petrol, varnishes, oils, fats, resinous substances, the majority of plastics, tar, waxes.


fire classification C 
gas fires, e.g. acetylene, methane, propane, town gas, hydrogen.


fire classification D 
metal fires, e.g. aluminum, potassium, lithium, magnesium, sodium and their alloys.


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