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MX 1230 with Novec provides special protection for electric and electronic risks.


Due to its fast and even distribution of extinguishing agent, the Minimax MX 1230 extinguishing system with the extinguishing agent Novec™ 1230 from 3M™ is an ideal fire protection solution with many benefits for protecting electric and electronic risks.


It is space-saving, environmentally safe, and guarantees a high degree of personal safety. The extinguishing agent Novec™ 1230 is unique in that it is stored at room temperature in a form as compact as water, but extinguishes as a gas with no residue and even distribution throughout the entire extinguishing area. Each MX 1230 fire extinguishing system is configured individually. The nozzle holes and cylinder quantities are the result of customized design calculations and are characteristic of a system that is optimized down to the last detail.

Areas of application:
Data processing and telecommunication facilities, computer and server rooms, control rooms, medical and lab facilities and other similar applications.

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