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MX-200 with HFC-227ea: Our MX-200 fire extinguishing system – effective and environmentally safe.


The Minimax MX-200 system with the extinguishing agent HFC-227ea is based on a powerful extinguishing concept for protecting valuable and critical objects. It combines high extinguishing effectiveness with no-residue extinguishing, personal safety and low storage volume. The use of HFC-227ea is recommended especially for risks where speed, weight and space requirements are the deciding factors.

The extinguishing effect of HFC-227ea is based on heat absorption in the flame and therefore on physical cooling and, to a small degree, chemical intervention in the flame reaction. Its excellent extinguishing capacity makes HFC-227ea the ideal extinguishing agent for fast-spreading fires.

As soon as fire detectors detect a fire, an alarm is signaled via the central fire detection and extinguishing control panel. Afterwards, the extinguishing agent cylinder is opened electrically and the extinguishing gas flows through extinguishing nozzles into the room. If necessary, further cylinders are opened pneumatically by the master cylinder.

HFC-227ea has an ODP value of 0, which means that it does not break down stratospheric ozone. The exceptionally low atmospheric life of HFC-227ea is due to its relatively fast natural decomposition rate.

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