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Unique: Our space-saving OneU active extinguishing system for server cabinets.


Companies are helpless in the event of operational downtime due to server room fires. Delivery problems and data loss have catastrophic consequences for the affected companies. With OneU, Minimax offers a unique active extinguishing system especially for cabinets with electrical and electronic devices, for example servers and IT equipment.

With just a few hand maneuvers, the space-saving OneU is installed in only one height unit of 19″ system racks – a height of only 44 mm! Due to the OneU’s integrated emergency power supply, uninterrupted operation is also ensured in the event of a power failure.

With the smoke-intake and the extinguishing system including the extinguishing-agent stockpiling, the active extinguishing system is a complete fire protection system. When technology and data are endangered by smoldering cables or overheated components, it does not escape OneU. The two sensors of the smoke-intake system, a highly sensitive smoke sensor and a CO-fume sensor react to different fire variables so that OneU is activated immediately in the case of such disastrous events.

When a sensor is activated, the devices installed in the cabinet, such as fans and computers, can be powered down. In many cases, this alone puts out the fire. If the fire continues, the extinguishing system is activated by the two sensors and the device is flooded with the Novec™1230 extinguishing agent from 3M™. The fire is extinguished quickly and without leaving any residue, and the flames are prevented from spreading to surrounding areas.

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