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Fine Water Spray Systems: A minimum of water deployed using our Minifog water mist system technology.


Minifog is suitable for various applications, whether for protection of rooms or of objects. Minifog extinguishing technology features extremely efficient exploitation of the physical properties of water. The extinguishing water is applied through special nozzles or sprinklers as a water mist system so that the total surface area of the extinguishing water is multiplied many times by fine droplet formation. The water entrains the heat from the fire particularly efficiently and so the base of the fire and its surroundings are immediately and effectively cooled. Also evaporation of the extinguishing water in the fire captures a great deal of additional latent heat and at the same time the steam produced impedes the supply of oxygen to the base of the fire. The reduction of the oxygen concentration in the immediate vicinity of the flame zone results in an additional smothering effect. The arrangement of the nozzles and the optimal droplet formation mean that the base of the fire is still reached even if there are inhibiting factors such as thermal currents or air movement.

Our latest addition to the Minifog product range is EconAqua. The application of innovative low-pressure water mist system technology in this sprinkler system provides particularly efficient building protection for risks as defined in accordance with VdS CEA 4001. Minifog EconAqua uses up to 85 percent less water in comparison with a conventional sprinkler system!

Fields of application:
Offices and administration buildings, hotels, hospitals and nursing homes, restaurants, underground car parks and parking houses, etc.

If objects are to be protected whereby rapid spreading of the fire can be expected, Minifog ObjectProtect is available. Electronic alarms are mostly provided for quick and reliable detection of the fire.

Fields of application:
Gas and steam turbines, large/industrial fryers, hydraulic machinery, cable ducts, paint spray facilities, engine test rigs, machine tools, etc.


Special customer requirements call for special solutions. Minimax has therefore developed a series of Minifog protection concepts that are specially suited to various specific applications. Some examples are as follows:

When manufacturing wood-fiberboard using continuous presses or stage presses, production conditions entail increased fire hazards. By using Minifog PressProtect Minimax offers a concept based on modern low-pressure water mist system technology, this type of protection having already been installed for more than 100 presses worldwide.

Ships and other offshore facilities, such as drilling platforms, require an uncommonly high degree of protection due to the conditions they are exposed to at sea. Minifog marine provides this in the form of protection concepts that have been developed and approved in accordance with the safety directives of national and international classification societies as well as the IMO and SOLAS codes.

Besides the solutions mentioned for special customer requirements, Minimax can offer further protection concepts – Minifog Special Solutions – developed on the basis of Minifog water mist system technology and tailored to the specific field of application. Examples of such are Minifog installations for automatic parking systems, wind energy systems and railway vehicles.

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