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We provide the solutions for power plants.

Of major importance for fire protection in power plants is a reliable and custom-tailored concept for each individual area, as fire damage in just one section can be enough to endanger or even shut down the power supply.

Whether for transformers, coal conveyor systems, boiler houses, cable rooms etc. – we have fire protection recommendations ready for you for all areas. Please contact our fire protection experts.

Minimax has been developing fire protection concepts for power plants for over 30 years. As an international full service provider our company not only provides consulting, engineering and installation, we also offer the full palette of contemporary fire protection equipment, including systems designed for special risks in power plants, as well as an extensive services portfolio. We realise projects with “Plant Design Management System” (PDMS) on request.

Moreover, we have a comprehensive services network equipped with state-of-the-art technology with an integrated fault monitor management that can be reached 24 hrs/day.

We have already convinced many.

Complete Minimax fire protection solutions in power plants:

Power plant Termo Rio, Brazil RWE Power, Germany Oil/Gas-power plant Az Zour, Kuwait

Power plant                       Coal Power plant              Oil / Gas Power plant


Fire protection solutions for combined cycle power plants  (PDF)

Fire protection solutions for coal-fire power plants (PDF)



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