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Cable Fire Stops: We close gaps with cable penetration barriers.


Fireproof walls and ceilings penetrated by electrical cables must be sealed with cable barriers to make them impermeable to fire and smoke gas. This limits fires to the location where they break out. Our plate barrier system, a combination of non-combustible mineral fiber plates and a special coating, has also been tested as a combination barrier. This makes it easy to seal openings used for multiple purposes (cables, plastic pipes and steel pipes) in conformity with the approval regulations.


Mortar barriers are preferred for complex installations requiring simple and cost-effective cable barriers. Fire protection mortar can be applied manually or mechanically and fills even very small, hollow spaces.

If frequent post-installation of cables is expected or if dust-free installations are required, our variable pad barriers KBS Sealbags are used, for example, in telecommunications or computer facilities. The fire protection pads can easily be removed and re-installed. In the event of a fire, the pads swell up and harden.

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