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Fire Protection Joints: We provide expert joints.


Without proper joints in protected ceilings and walls, the degree of fire resistance is reduced considerably. Our permanently elastic Fir-A-Flex joint elements feature a multi-layer construction and are made of highly elastic foam with intermediate layers made of flexible intumescent material. In the event of a fire, the latter is activated by the effect of heat. It foams to reliably prevent the joint from burning through.

Fir-A-Flex joint elements are used to seal wall joints and expansion joints in components in order to ensure full compliance with the fire resistance requirements for walls and ceilings. Joint fillers in fire protection classified components are extremely important because they prolong the fire resistance of walls and ceilings in the event of a fire. Many fires, also in the recent past, have shown that structures frequently are not sufficiently protected in this respect. Correct sealing of building joints is often neglected or unsuitable materials are used.


KBS Fir-A-Flex fire protection joints
– Joint element for reliable sealing of moving joints in walls and ceilings
– Permanently elastic, contains no asbestos or fibers 
– Fire resistant for up to 180 minutes

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