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Pipe Fire Stops: We provide shields for combustible pipes.


Pipes that lead through walls and ceilings enable the fast and uncontrollable spreading of fires. The fire-retardant sealing of pipes provides a barrier that is impermeable to fire and smoke gas. The pipe seals with a fire protection mass and are retrofitted on both sides of the pipe where it leads through the wall or ceiling.

The standard version Pipe Seal S consists of two sheet steel shells that are lined with a fire protection mass with a high swelling capacity. In the event of a fire, the mass expands and presses the heat-softened pipe together until it is sealed. Pipe Seal M features a tension spring mechanism to support the shielding process. Pipe Seal OSI is used in single-sided installations on walls for pipes with an outer diameter of up to 200mm.

Pipes with a diameter of up to 400mm and pipe bundles are sealed quickly and effectively, with fire resistance duration of at least 90 minutes (R 90/R120 in accordance with DIN 4102 Part 11).

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