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We provide the solution for particleboard and MDF presses.


Many inflammable substances are used in the production of particleboards, MDF and other boards. Accordingly, the fire risk is very high. Feeding and discharge areas of the press are particularly at risk. In addition, a fast spreading fire along the production line must be expected. In an extreme case, the whole production line could be lost from fire. A special fire protection concept is needed to protect people and material and minimize production downtimes in case of fire.

Our Minifog fine water spray system is a proven solution. The atomization of the extinguishing water facilitates an effective equipment protection while using only a small amount of water. The extinguishing process may start immediately after fire detection because measures must be taken for the protection of people. This is a real advantage because a fast spreading fire can be expected. Furthermore, the system can be connected to the water supply of a sprinkler system, which is normally available in the wood processing industry.

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