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We provide the solution for data centers and telecommunication facilities.

The safe operation of the system technology is vital for all operators of data centers and telecommunication facilities. Trouble-free operation ensures satisfied clients, and in this industry that is a priority. Not surprisingly, a system breakdown normally has extensive consequences.


Minimax Fire Solutions recognizes this issue and provides optimal fire protection solutions for the entire infrastructure of telecommunication networks, both in the mobile and the fixed net area. In case of fire, electrical devices must be safely switched off without losing any data and the extinguishing process must be started immediately. Our multifunctional detectors or Helios fire detectors sense fires immediately, and our special extinguishing systems protect even the most sensitive devices with care and without leaving any residues. Thus, a larger problem can be avoided.

Also, as with the operator, false trippings are unacceptable to us. Therefore, it is even more important that fire protection not be considered a standalone solution, but included in higher-level safety and control systems. Interface and system management are of primary importance and we look forward to helping you in this area.

How may a fire in the system occur at all? Surge voltage, induction, short circuit, sabotage, vandalism, operator error or simply the negligent handling of electrical equipment – there are many fire risks.

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