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A sudden deflagration may easily cause a fire in machine tools used for metal processing (e.g. for drilling, turning on a lathe, grinding, milling, honing) and cooled with inflammable lubricants. If light metals or their alloys are processed, there is an additional fire risk.

Components with high magnesium content are of increasing importance in the industrial serial production. The cutting of magnesium alloys includes acute fire risks because magnesium dusts and chips are classified as “easily flammable or self-ignitable”. As these risks cannot be completely excluded, the machines must be equipped with fire protection systems according to the place of employment regulation and the law on technical working equipment (device safety law/EU machine directive 89/392/EWG).

You will find the right solution at Minimax – the Argotec fire extinguishing system. It extinguishes with inert gases or alternatively with the noble gas argon, nitrogen or carbon dioxide. A fire detection system is connected in series. Even if CO2 is used there is normally no harmful concentration outside the machine due to the small amount of extinguishant used for large extinguishing areas. Only the extinguishant storage must be replenished after extinguishing. Afterwards the extinguishing system is available again immediately.

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