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We provide the solution for color painting systems.


Modern painting technologies utilizing a high degree of automation inevitably lead to special risks. Ignition initials must already be detected in the burgeoning phase and suffocated immediately.

Our proven special extinguishing systems have an extremely fast response time. Acute fire risks are detected automatically and burgeoning fires are purposeful fought in several steps according to their burning down speed. In case of an alarm, the fire detection control panel records and checks the signals given by the detectors, relays a fire alarm and releases the preprogrammed control functions. For example, this would be used to interrupt the powder, color, air and solvent supply; to switch off high voltage machines and venting equipment; to close fire-proof doors and ventilation flaps and to activate the alarm organization (local alarm sounding, alarm relaying, etc.). The gas extinguishing system is released automatically and suffocates the fire in its initial phase.

Ranges of application:
Electrostatic powder coating and wet painting systems, systems with painting robots, evaporation zones, varnish dryers, color recovering systems and ventilating ducts

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