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Printing businesses, where all the company’s process are designed to provide customers with a dependable supply at every time, cannot afford to compromise when it comes to fire protection. Whether offset printing machines, letter presses, gravure printing presses or silk screen printing machines – it is vital to recognize a combustion in the production process as soon as it develops. The result may be a devastating fire. Cover can be taken out to insure against interruptions to operations but there is no replacement for loss of customers and market share. The protection of people and plant makes the use of special fire protection systems essential, especially a system that is precisely tailor-made for the process technology concerned.

The core of the fire protection concept for printing machines is a rapid reaction fire extinguishing system that can independently identify acute fire risks and use argon or carbon dioxide to fight a developing fire. While carrying out the extinguishing process it also initiates important control pulses. For example, it will interrupt the supply of coloring or material, stop machinery, switch off drying facilities and activate the alarm organization.

Fire risks in the printing industry 
– Use of easily flammable materials
– Development of potentially explosive concentrations of colorings and solvents
– Heating of the print material in the machine, an example being through the effect of mechanical friction heat where parts are running very quickly, or in the drying process
– Static electricity in combination with easily combustible colorings or solvents
– Deposits of colorings, synthetic material or paper in the machinery and in ventilation and evacuation channels

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