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Spark Extinguishing Systems: We provide the solution for suction and conveying systems.

Spark Extinguishing Systems

Sparks are an important issue in pneumatic suction and conveying systems, especially in wood processing and textile companies, food processing, feed, leather, rubber and chemical industries. Due to processing machines sparks can quickly enter subsequent system parts via the conveyor pipes, where they may cause glow fires, resulting in large fires or dust explosions within a short period of time.

Our spark extinguishing systems provides reliable protection; special detectors immediately detect inflammable sparks in the conveyor pipe and there are only fractions of a second between detection and extinguishing. The systems meet the requirements of the VdS regulations.

The new, flexible fire protection system FMZ 5000 Reflex combines fire detection and spark extinguishing in one system. Spark recognition and the activated extinguishing process are both “reflex-type” reactions. The time between detection and initiating the extinguishing action can be measured in milliseconds. This means that the Reflex module offers extremely effective protection.

System components for spark extinguishing systems: 
– highly sensitive optoelectronic spark detectors
– spark extinguishing control panel
– extinguishing unit 
– pressure booster in case of insufficient water pressure

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